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2020 Air Freight Dates We're Keeping An Eye On

2020 Air Freight Dates We're Keeping An Eye On

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New challenges and new opportunities go hand-in-hand so we're always looking to expand our horizons. Here are a few events we have a keen interest in, in the first half of 2020

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Air Cargo India 2020 (Feb 25-27)

With the huge market India offers, we're interested to see what develops from this popular conference and exhibition in Mumbai. Both domestic and international opportunities may arise with over 2,000 visitors and 478 delegates debating the challenges that will be faced in the future. Website...

FTA Air Freight Policy Seminar (Feb 27 - London)

With an impressive line-up of industry professionals this promises to generate some lively discussion. The Freight Transport Association is campaigning for policies to create a world-class, sustainable air freight sector in the UK. We'll be keeping close eye on the conclusions drawn. FTA Website...

14th World Cargo Symposium 2020 (March 10-12 - Istanbul)

Bringing together the air cargo supply chain key stakeholders, this is the largest annual event of its kind. Covering just about every aspect of air cargo, this symposium sets the agenda for the Air Freight business. IATA Website...